• Name: Carlin
  • People: Dyath
  • Homeland: Dyánmir
  • Class: Thief
  • Player: Simon

Carlin was born in the port city of Míral, capital of Dyánmir. His memory of the city is fuzzy at best. Carlin’s mother died during childbirth, and his father, a poor tanner, was forced to raise him and his siblings alone. When Carlin was four his father was murdered under mysterious circumstances. What became of his brother and sister is uncertain. These events and those that came immediately after are unclear in Carlin’s mind.

At some point (a week later? a year?) the boy was taken in by an elderly thief and herbalist named Rhys One-Eye. Rhys was slated for “retirement” by the upper echelons of Míral’s notorious thieves’ guild for some obscure crime (he has never shared the details of this with Carlin). Rather than face his sentence, the thief left the city in disguise, passing Carlin off as his grandson. They headed east, into the wilds, finally settling in the march of Wellan’s Reach in a backwater river-town called Skevy.

In Skevy Rhys assumed the identity of a simple potion-maker and seller of tinctures, going by the name of Old Wort. Carlin became his apprentice, and Rhys passed on much of his knowledge of herbs, such as their properties and the way various types are identified. Carlin became adept as an herbalist and spent much of his time gathering simples in the copses at the edge of town or caring for the plants in Rhys’ garden. As the boy grew older, the old thief began training him in the rogue arts.

Carlin is exceptionally learned for a young thief and is a voracious reader of books. He is interested in seeing the world and discovering the secrets of his past.