• Name: Panserian
  • People: Dyath-Parawegian
  • Homeland: Dyánmir
  • Class: Ranger
  • Player: Oats

Panserian is the son of a trapper named Ezmer. Ezmer and his kin have lived and hunted in the Muskwood (of Wellan’s Reach) for many generations. In his younger days Ezmer was something of a wanderer and spent some time in the southern land of Tansimir. There he took a Parawegian wife named Erme and lived on the coast of the Rúksea for several years. Eventually Ezmer grew lonesome for his ancestral land, and so the pair journeyed back to the Reach and settled in an ancient stone cottage set less than a mile from the place of Ezmer’s birth.

Panserian was the last of seven children. He lived with his parents only for the first six years of his life. With so many mouths to feed the family was struggling. What little wealth Ezmer could accrue selling furs in Skevy was barely enough to clothe his children. The decision was made to apprentice Panserian to the Border Company, where he would be well fed and cared for as well as learn skills deemed valuable to a family of woodsmen.

Through the Border Company Panserian acquired most of his present skills. His tutelage was conducted by a crusty ranger named Tharson, who traveled with the boy along the border path between Wellan’s Reach and the Azure Mountains for many years. Through Tharson Panserian learned much of the lore regarding the giants who dwell in the Azures, enough to make him studiously cautious when walking the march.

The Border Company was established by the government of Dyánmir fifty years ago following the Battle of the Greens, when Tansimir attempted to annex the Reach. At the time, Wellan’s Reach was nothing more than a petty lordship and was not officially under the aegis of Dyánmir’s Merchant Kings. Following the short-lived Tansimirian invasion, the Reach was incorporated and the Border Company established. The Company functions as a safeguard against Tansimir as well as the ever-present threat of giant raids.

Unfortunately, Dyánmir has recently cut its funding for the Border Company, which has forced the BC to reduce the size of its ranks. As one of the youngest members of the Company, Panserian was among the first of those asked to turn over their greenhoods. (The greenhood is a heavy cloth mantle and the symbol of the Border Company. “Greenhood” is sometimes used as slang for a member of the BC.) This leaves Panserian in the awkward position of having nowhere to live and no source of income.