The Dyathic Pantheon

  • Hewe, father of the gods
  • Cesse the Crone, goddess of wisdom
  • Brúdan the Smith, god of the forge
  • Lúccan the Hunter, god of the wilderness
  • Lord Rúk the Fisher, god of the sea
  • Mendé the Corn Woman, goddess of agriculture
  • Methuné the Loremaster, god of knowledge
  • Othal, warder of the path to the lands of the dead

The Elder Giants

  • Ywaru the World-Mother, maker of runes
  • Twytharúm, lord of the world below
  • Hegrúnn the Blind, guardian of the well
  • Thogrúnn the Boar-Headed, eater of women
  • Black Núma, lord of the south
  • Skerma, lord of the north
  • Gritheya, lady of the west
  • Yernúth, lord of the east





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