Hi, I’m Greg.

I don’t generally like talking about myself, because it’s not a subject that I feel very knowledgeable about. I can only speak objectively about my behavior patterns, which include…

(a) Collecting. This is definitely an inherited thing. My grandfather is directly responsible. His house was very large and filled with all kinds of eccentric objects. Tobacco jars lined the walls. And these were bizarre jars, not some simple tub to keep your tobacco leaf in. Jars that looked like devils, goblins, friars, all manner of beings with bizarre expressions on their faces — these were the sorts of things that fueled my imagination as a child. Comic books were another of his obsessions. And fantasy novels and art. He attended some of the first large-scale fantasy conventions in the Midwest. Anyway, a lot of these behaviors and interests were passed on to me. Vintage paperback books, particularly sci fi and fantasy, are my focus.

(b) Reading. I’m a slow reader, but somehow I manage to take in a lot. Fantasy lit, specifically the products of the pulp market in the 30s and 40s as well as the boom in the 60s and 70s, are my favorite eras.

(c) Writing. It’s something I have to do, though I’m not very disciplined about it. When I was younger I imagined I would be an artist. I would draw all kinds of bizarre creatures and then come up with stories explaining their histories, their friends, their enemies. I wanted to draw comic books. Unfortunately, by the time I was in 8th grade my artistic curve sort of leveled off. I never developed beyond that stage. While I still have an eye for art, I don’t consider myself a practitioner. What art did do for me, though, was provide a focus for my imaginative efforts.

And that’s really all there is to Greg. I’m not a womanizer, a drunk or a social activist. When it comes to voting I cast my ballot for the candidate who seems the least corrupt (not always easy to ascertain). I’m a devout agnostic, and I give credit to a lot of theories that most people would consider inane. I couldn’t math my way out of a paper bag, or figure out how to make your computer work. Nature is beautiful and terrible to me, and I enjoy spending time with it, though I don’t see it nearly enough these days. Other than that, I’m a slouch.

Factual information: 28 years old, upstate NY resident, father of one.


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