Magic. It’s a source of stress for me, speaking as a world-builder. One half of me longs to completely revamp the existing rules, while the more cautious half is unwilling to sacrifice the players’ sense of familiarity with the standard magic system. What to do, what to do?

Compromise is inevitable.



What would a campaign be without a few tweaks and revisions to the rules? (more…)

Two-thirds of the coins circulating in the Rúksea Region are minted in Míral, the capital of Dyánmir. Most bear the likenesses of the so-called Merchant Kings who control the land’s government and head the Merchant Consortium, an incredibly powerful organization that controls much of the Region’s commerce.

Silver and copper are the basis of the Rúksea economy, though copper coins have gradually been replaced by slightly more valuable pieces of sturdy bronze.

  • 1 Bit (copper) = 1/20 Mark (silver)
  • 1 Two-Bit (bronze) = 1/10 Mark (silver)
  • 1 Mark (silver) = 1/50 Crown (gold)
  • 1 Crown (gold) = 1/100 Sovereign (platinum)

All coins are equivalent to 4 pennyweights each (roughly the weight of an American quarter). Eighty such coins (again, regardless of metal) weigh about one pound.

While coins are quite common in cities and towns, they may not be as valuable in more rustic areas. In such places barter is much more common.